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Evaluation Process

Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Should I Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Thousands of people are asking if marijuana can help with their headaches, and the Ament Headache Center can help. We provide compassionate and professional medical evaluations to Colorado residents interested in learning if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment option for their medical condition.

The Truth About Medical Marijuana – Is it a Realistic Treatment for Me?

Medical_Marijuana_Evaluation_gfxMany experiment with marijuana on their own, while others hold back due to stigma, fear of the purchasing process, the potential for unwanted psychotropic affects or other factors real or imagined. Using medical-grade cannabis as a legal treatment for a Qualifying Medical Condition such as chronic pain is a personal decision; some people in your life may support you and some may not. The Ament Headache Center is here to help you make an educated decision about medical marijuana and you, and to support you in your decision.

Our understanding about Medical Marijuana is expanding exponentially. Still, at this time, no one person can legitimately claim to know everything there is to know about the medical potential of cannabis and its derivatives. There is just too little solid research, and too much to know. Dr. Ament seeks to bridge the gap between medical science and point of sale at the dispensaries for the benefit of his patients. In addition to following the medical literature on Medical Marijuana, he builds relationships with members of the industry who share his passion for patient care, to broaden his understanding of medical marijuana and its impact on chronic pain and other medical conditions.

What to Expect During Your Medical Marijuana Evaluation

You can expect a compassionate, informative experience, conducted in a professional environment by a respected Neurologist. Be prepared for an actual medical evaluation and a Medical Marijuana education. Dr. Ament will conduct a thorough medical exam including previous medical history and medications you’re currently taking. He will review with you your prior and current treatments for your Qualifying Medical Condition, including any previous trials of cannabis. Dr. Ament will provide information about the safe use of medical marijuana as well as current Colorado laws pertaining to the usage of medical marijuana.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana for conditions like yours? Please review the Medical Marijuana Card FAQ to find out if you qualify. Dr. Ament will not authorize medical marijuana usage for non-qualified patients.

Evaluations are $100.00, payable at the time of service by cash or credit card.

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